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A Complete Guide On How To Start Blogging For Beginners In 2022

Are you also looking to start your blog? Starting your blog may sound a bit challenging but, in reality, you have to follow some simple steps, and then you are good to go with your new blog.

Before starting with the step-by-step procedure. Make sure you know the reason behind your blog. Whether it is sharing the new learnings, documenting your ideas and thoughts, passive source of income, free travel, free gadgets, or it is the stuff for review. Keeping it clear in advance about what you desire makes the path simpler and convenient.

Let’s jump directly to the procedure of starting a blog.

How To Start A Blog In 6 Steps?

Step 1 – Choose your blogging platform

The foremost step is to decide on a platform to start with your blog. As there are several platforms available, WordPress is the highest used platform around the world. However, WordPress is super easy to operate, and don’t get confused between and a self-hosted WordPress- blog. What you need is a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Step 2 – What is the Nice of your blog?

Deciding on the niche of your blog is another essential part of this procedure. You must choose a particular topic to write your blogs on as you cannot write on several topics. Moreover, starting a blog on multiple topics isn’t a good idea as people like to subscribe to a specialized blog and expertise on a topic. In addition, Google also prefers the website based on a single topic only.

Step 3 – Select a name for your blog.

Your blog name is also known as your URL, and the domain name is the first impression of your blog. Make sure that the name should be easy to pronounce, remember and type.

Step 4 – Set up blog hosting.

Once you have decided the name of your bog now, you are required to set up the hosting for starting a blog. As WordPress is free, you need a reliable place to host your blog. Therefore your blog has to be somewhere on the server on the internet. Amongst the countless servers, Bluehost is the best choice containing all the features required to create a blog.

Step – 5 Set up and design your blog.

Bluehost gives an advantage in that it automatically installs the blog for you. You need to complete a few things before writing your first blog to make it perfect for branding. After completing the crucial steps it’s time to design your blog. Your blog design will leave a good or bad impact on the readers, and it is how they will remember your blog.

Step – 6 Add Plugins

You might be wondering why is it important to install plugins on your website? The plugins add up additional functionality to your blog. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available you can choose any of your choices. Some of the best plugins for your newly built WordPress blog are Yoast SEO, ShortPixels, Jetpack by

Wrap Up

We have tried to cover all the necessary points that you require to create your blog. After thoroughly reading this article, you’ll surely be able to create an effective blog. Also, don’t forget to add plugins and design them properly for making them more engaging for your readers. All the best for starting a blog. Write the best and compelling content that your readers love to read.

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